Monday, October 5, 2015

Weekend Roadtrip

This past weekend we loaded up the car and made a family trip to Michigan. We have a few friends that live in Michigan and we wanted to get up north to see them before the weather starts getting snowy.
We left Friday as soon as Jason got home from work--the car was loaded and we were excited to go!
We headed into one of the prettiest sunsets that we've seen in a long time. We used to see some amazing sunsets when we lived on the island but that was SO long ago that we were due to see an amazing sunset. We were driving so the pictures definitely don't do it justice but look....

Amazing. Right?!
We got to Paul and Kelsey's house around 8:30pm on Friday. Their oldest (2.5 year old), Sydney, was already asleep but we got to see their youngest (6 week old), Zoey.
I didn't take any pictures that night because we were too busy catching up and watching our little ones play together.
The next morning, Saturday, we had plans to go to the apple orchard but a cold front blew in and it was rainy and 50 degrees. We scraped that plan and just played at the house.
We played and played until we couldn't play anymore and then we called it a night. It's so funny now that we are parents with young ones because our weekends together look a lot different than our California weekends.
It was so good to connect again and we promised to see them again (maybe multiple times) before we move to Missouri. Our kids loved playing with their kids and we loved to just hang out with someone familiar and fun!
We said our goodbyes after breakfast on Sunday because we wanted to make one more stop on our drive home.
We headed right through Andy and Alissa's neighborhood on our drive home so we knew we wanted to stop and see them for a few hours. Alissa was post-call but she was a trooper when we said we were so close.
We headed to lunch at a fun restaurant that was remodeled into a restaurant from an old was such a fun atmosphere.
Once we finished lunch, we went back to their house to hang out for a little bit before heading back to Ohio.
We had such a good weekend that we were a little sad when we got back on the road to Ohio. The kids slept the whole time so Jason and myself were really able to have a conversation, which was so nice!!
Michigan was beautiful and definitely on our list to go back again. The kids did great on the trip and are excited to go back and play...when it gets a little warmer. 

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