Monday, November 2, 2015

Family Pictures-Fall 2015

We try to take yearly pictures of the family and we've been so used to Ms. Danielle taking our pictures that searching for someone else was a dreaded task on my to-do-list. I knew that we wanted pictures for our Christmas card so I needed to research and find someone.
Well, we found our new photographer while we were at the park. We took a wrong turn after we missed pony camp (wrong day) and ended up at a secluded park. I was pretty bummed because I was trying to make up for missing pony camp with the kids and the park ended up being a bust too. Angie was at the park doing a session and I asked her if she had a business card. The rough day ended up with us finding a photographer so it was worth it. 

We went to a place called Squire's Castle for the pictures. The leaves were still full of color and the location was beautiful!
We got some great shots! All I have to do now is pick out the best for a Christmas card and for some gifts!

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