Wednesday, November 4, 2015

iPhone Dump

*Now that fall is on its way out and winter is moving in, the leaves are falling off of the trees like crazy. The city provides a weekly clean up service for any yard waste as long as it is on the curb. For leaves, the machine looks like a giant vacuum hose and it just sucks in everything. It's crazy...I'll try to get a picture when them come around. They clean up at the end of the week so we spent a full day raking the front and back yard so we would be ready when they made their rounds and the end result was a HUGE pile on our curb!

*Jason was on nights last week and as a result he was given a few days off. He took the kids to eat breakfast on Monday before taking Amelia to school. He loved spending some time with them and he was so proud that he took them both and survived.
*The cousins came over for a cookout and by the end of the night they ended up on the couch. I tried to get a picture of the four of them looking but this was the best that I got. These four cuties are the best of friends!
*Amelia has crazy amounts of arm strength. She loves the monkey bars, the climbing wall and anything else where she has to use her arms. Jason taught her to pull up her legs on to the bar and flip. She was so proud and wanted a picture of her doing her new trick.
*Barrett likes to wear hats and here recently he has been putting them on backwards. I don't know where he got that idea from but he looks so cute and grown up when he flips his hat around.
*There is a boutique by our house that sells some super cute, state-themed throw pillows. I think having one for each state we've lived in would be a nice addition to our basement couch (when we get a basement couch in our forever home). I took a picture because the price tag was a little steep for me to bring home the Ohio pillow. Adorable, right?!
*There are no words for the next picture. Amelia wanted to pamper one more before school and Barrett wanted in on the action. Thank goodness it was pretend makeup and dried up polish.
*Our vacation is getting so close. I'm so ready for some beach time!!  Once we get back, I'll be home for three days and then I'll be flying to Philadelphia for a few days of work. I'll be home for a few days and then it will be Thanksgiving. November is going to fly by!!

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