Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Week Before Christmas

It's been so busy around here that the blog has taken a back seat. I will get back into it when the new year rolls around.
Here are some of the things that we've been up to the past week. 
*The weather has been so warm for this time of year and we've been trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Our season passes for the zoo expire at the end of the year so we headed to the zoo. Our favorite animals: the elephants, the lions and the giraffes were outside so we were in heaven.
*We also headed to a wildlife center called Penitentiary Glen. They have a fun center that focuses on the game Candyland and we headed there with some friends one day after nap time.
We searched for birds, looked at the rehab center animals and then played the game. Such a fun afternoon!
*We took an adult trip this weekend to Michigan. Our besties from St. Maarten live there and we wanted to see them before Christmas. On Saturday, we were the first people in the theater to see Star Wars. The boys were so excited!
*The rest of our weekend was spent resting, play video games, drinking egg nog, blaring music and eating sushi. We had such a relaxed weekend full of laughs...such a great time! So glad that we met them 8 years ago.
*We've been baking in the kitchen--Amelia loves to help and I love to teach her some yummy recipes. How cute is her apron? It's homemade from Ms. Chrissy--it's a pot holder, a hand towel and some ribbon to hold it together. Definitely a good Pinterest find!
*We are having a Christmas dinner at our house tonight with the cousins. The presents have been wrapped and we have a yummy dinner planned. Tis the season!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Country Lights

Monday evening we went to the Farmpark for their Country Lights event. In case you haven't guess it yet, the Farmpark is one of our favorite places!
Our first stop was Santa's workshop. The kids got to pick out the toy that they wanted to build and then elves helped the kids build, paint and decorate it. Amelia chose a cupcake and Barrett chose a train. They loved picking out their toys but I wish that I would have "encouraged" them to build a Christmas toy so then we could have used it for decoration in the upcoming years. Oh well...maybe next time.
When we finished painting and decorating the toys, we put them on the shelf so they could dry while we looked at the other fun things.
Here are the four cousins...best I could get.
We got to look at all the lights on a horse drawn trailer. Our horses were named Mister and Brody and they did a great job of taking us all through the park. It was suppose to rain at 7pm so we went on the light tour a little early so we could miss the rain.
We got off the wagon at the arena. They were putting on a horse show with Frozen and different Disney princesses. The kids (and adults) enjoyed the music, the horses and the costumes. It was cute to watch the kids get excited and sing along to the music.
We finished out the night at the cafe with some warm food. The kids were pretty hyper so we ate pretty fast before calling it a night. We had a great time seeing all the Christmas lights and building a toy.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

iPhone Dump

Here are a few things that we've been up to--in between all the fun Christmas activities! 
Amelia is my little helper, whether it be in the kitchen, with the laundry or cleaning the house, she is always the first to help. She made chocolate dipped pretzel sticks for her teachers...they turned out adorable and yummy!
Selfies in the car before getting out to run errands. This girl doesn't lack in personality!
Jason comes home and is in full play mode until it's bed time. I was able to sneak a picture of these two playing in the dollhouse. I couldn't ask for a better daddy for my kids (or husband for myself)...he's seriously the best!
The weather has been so nice so we took a trip to the farm one day. There were baby pigs, which are a big hit, and we had to show them a little love. I love the farm and how my kids enjoy seeing the animals.
My mom had a birthday this month and we had a party for her. I think we did a pretty good job of keeping it a secret from her until the party got closer. The kids loved decorating, wrapping presents and helping celebrate her.
Barrett is doing great with the potty training. He isn't the best at telling us when he needs to go but he will go when we ask him. We've taken trips and he's been dry and peed on a big potty, which is different than his little potty that he uses. So proud of our big boy!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Ice Skating Fun!

We headed to an outdoor ice skating rink this weekend. Our cousins invited us and we couldn't say no. I loved ice skating, especially outdoors, when I was younger and I wanted my kids to experience it. It was hard to get pictures because Jason was on-call so I had both the kids on the ice.
The kids loved it! Barrett was harder to handle than Amelia but he enjoyed the ice and going around the corners! Amelia was a skating pro by the first lap. She learned to go slow and "take steps" instead of trying to glide and she did amazing. I even got video of her doing a slow circle at the end.
I think that we'll visit the rink again when Jason is off--it will be a fun family outing! 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Six Months To Go

Right now, we are about six months away from another move.
We've been searching for homes (which hasn't gone as smoothly as we were hoping) and we feel like we are starting over from square one each week. We have plenty of time but it seems like we find something that we would like to explore a little more and then the following week, it's off the market. Ugh...it's more of a roller coaster ride than we expected.
Jason is starting in Missouri on July 1st so we think that we'll ( plan on moving a few weeks before him so we can get the house set up and organized before he makes the move. We did this when we moved this last time to Ohio and it seemed to work pretty well.

Fifty-four more days at school, twenty-eight more Sundays at our church, twenty-seven more swim lessons and hopefully a lot of play dates and fun excursions!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Polar Express

On Sunday, we took the kids to the North Pole on the Polar Express.We were offered discounted tickets through the Cleveland Clinic so we decided to give the train ride a chance.
The kids dressed in their pajamas and they were so excited!
The train took off at 3pm so we boarded the train a little bit before, found our seats and we were greeted by the train elves. We were in car #9 so we had a little bit of a walk until we found our destination.
About half way to the North Pole, the elves came around and served us hot coca and chocolate chip cookies. The kids thought they were so big because they got their own. Look how proud Barrett looks drinking his coca!
The trip on the train was through a National Park so we were finding deer and eagles along the drive. Our best little buddy, Tyler, was also on the train. The kids love him so it was good to have him along for the fun!
We finally arrived at the North Pole and they had dancing elves, dressed up Christmas characters, lights, etc. Barrett was a little unsure because he heard that Santa would be coming up but Amelia was beyond giddy.
Santa drove by our train on his train and all the presents. The kids were waving and trying to guess which bulge in the bag was their toys. HA!
We left the North Pole and headed back to the station. We sang Christmas carols while we waited for Santa to come to our car.
Barrett wanted nothing to do with him but Amelia sat on his lap and gave him her list...again.
We pulled back into the station at 5pm. We rode the train for 2 hours and the kids were pretty good. It was a fun Christmas outing to the North Pole. Counting down until Christmas morning with these cuties!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


I just realized that our last few weeks have been busy--family was in town last week and this week was full of Christmas fun, school, swim lessons and anything in between--but I don't have many pictures.

  • We visited a place called Playground World with a friend and her little ones. The place sells playground equipment and trampolines but they allow you to pay $5 and play on all the equipment. It's indoors, it's clean and there aren't very many people there....win-win in our book! The kids loved exploring all the fun things. 
  • Amelia has been working on writing her name. I make her name in dots and she traces the dots to make the letters. This was her first attempt at writing her whole name and I was so proud. I couldn't stop smiling when I looked at her sweet little name.
  • Barrett is really into the Lion King right now. We were eating lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and he was watching a few clips from the Lion King on YouTube. This is his new face when he hears Simba or Scar roar. He's a fan of his lions!
  • This weekend we took the kids to the town center to see Santa Claus and to enjoy some Christmas fun!
  • We started potty training Barrett. He has been asking for a little Elmo potty so one day, I gave in and went and got a potty. He was excited and I ran with it. Some days are really good (no accidents) and others are a little less than perfect but he's doing really well!