Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Country Lights

Monday evening we went to the Farmpark for their Country Lights event. In case you haven't guess it yet, the Farmpark is one of our favorite places!
Our first stop was Santa's workshop. The kids got to pick out the toy that they wanted to build and then elves helped the kids build, paint and decorate it. Amelia chose a cupcake and Barrett chose a train. They loved picking out their toys but I wish that I would have "encouraged" them to build a Christmas toy so then we could have used it for decoration in the upcoming years. Oh well...maybe next time.
When we finished painting and decorating the toys, we put them on the shelf so they could dry while we looked at the other fun things.
Here are the four I could get.
We got to look at all the lights on a horse drawn trailer. Our horses were named Mister and Brody and they did a great job of taking us all through the park. It was suppose to rain at 7pm so we went on the light tour a little early so we could miss the rain.
We got off the wagon at the arena. They were putting on a horse show with Frozen and different Disney princesses. The kids (and adults) enjoyed the music, the horses and the costumes. It was cute to watch the kids get excited and sing along to the music.
We finished out the night at the cafe with some warm food. The kids were pretty hyper so we ate pretty fast before calling it a night. We had a great time seeing all the Christmas lights and building a toy.

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