Friday, December 11, 2015

Six Months To Go

Right now, we are about six months away from another move.
We've been searching for homes (which hasn't gone as smoothly as we were hoping) and we feel like we are starting over from square one each week. We have plenty of time but it seems like we find something that we would like to explore a little more and then the following week, it's off the market.'s more of a roller coaster ride than we expected.
Jason is starting in Missouri on July 1st so we think that we'll ( plan on moving a few weeks before him so we can get the house set up and organized before he makes the move. We did this when we moved this last time to Ohio and it seemed to work pretty well.

Fifty-four more days at school, twenty-eight more Sundays at our church, twenty-seven more swim lessons and hopefully a lot of play dates and fun excursions!

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