Saturday, December 5, 2015


I just realized that our last few weeks have been busy--family was in town last week and this week was full of Christmas fun, school, swim lessons and anything in between--but I don't have many pictures.

  • We visited a place called Playground World with a friend and her little ones. The place sells playground equipment and trampolines but they allow you to pay $5 and play on all the equipment. It's indoors, it's clean and there aren't very many people in our book! The kids loved exploring all the fun things. 
  • Amelia has been working on writing her name. I make her name in dots and she traces the dots to make the letters. This was her first attempt at writing her whole name and I was so proud. I couldn't stop smiling when I looked at her sweet little name.
  • Barrett is really into the Lion King right now. We were eating lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and he was watching a few clips from the Lion King on YouTube. This is his new face when he hears Simba or Scar roar. He's a fan of his lions!
  • This weekend we took the kids to the town center to see Santa Claus and to enjoy some Christmas fun!
  • We started potty training Barrett. He has been asking for a little Elmo potty so one day, I gave in and went and got a potty. He was excited and I ran with it. Some days are really good (no accidents) and others are a little less than perfect but he's doing really well!

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