Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Polar Express

On Sunday, we took the kids to the North Pole on the Polar Express.We were offered discounted tickets through the Cleveland Clinic so we decided to give the train ride a chance.
The kids dressed in their pajamas and they were so excited!
The train took off at 3pm so we boarded the train a little bit before, found our seats and we were greeted by the train elves. We were in car #9 so we had a little bit of a walk until we found our destination.
About half way to the North Pole, the elves came around and served us hot coca and chocolate chip cookies. The kids thought they were so big because they got their own. Look how proud Barrett looks drinking his coca!
The trip on the train was through a National Park so we were finding deer and eagles along the drive. Our best little buddy, Tyler, was also on the train. The kids love him so it was good to have him along for the fun!
We finally arrived at the North Pole and they had dancing elves, dressed up Christmas characters, lights, etc. Barrett was a little unsure because he heard that Santa would be coming up but Amelia was beyond giddy.
Santa drove by our train on his train and all the presents. The kids were waving and trying to guess which bulge in the bag was their toys. HA!
We left the North Pole and headed back to the station. We sang Christmas carols while we waited for Santa to come to our car.
Barrett wanted nothing to do with him but Amelia sat on his lap and gave him her list...again.
We pulled back into the station at 5pm. We rode the train for 2 hours and the kids were pretty good. It was a fun Christmas outing to the North Pole. Counting down until Christmas morning with these cuties!

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