Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Week Before Christmas

It's been so busy around here that the blog has taken a back seat. I will get back into it when the new year rolls around.
Here are some of the things that we've been up to the past week. 
*The weather has been so warm for this time of year and we've been trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Our season passes for the zoo expire at the end of the year so we headed to the zoo. Our favorite animals: the elephants, the lions and the giraffes were outside so we were in heaven.
*We also headed to a wildlife center called Penitentiary Glen. They have a fun center that focuses on the game Candyland and we headed there with some friends one day after nap time.
We searched for birds, looked at the rehab center animals and then played the game. Such a fun afternoon!
*We took an adult trip this weekend to Michigan. Our besties from St. Maarten live there and we wanted to see them before Christmas. On Saturday, we were the first people in the theater to see Star Wars. The boys were so excited!
*The rest of our weekend was spent resting, play video games, drinking egg nog, blaring music and eating sushi. We had such a relaxed weekend full of laughs...such a great time! So glad that we met them 8 years ago.
*We've been baking in the kitchen--Amelia loves to help and I love to teach her some yummy recipes. How cute is her apron? It's homemade from Ms. Chrissy--it's a pot holder, a hand towel and some ribbon to hold it together. Definitely a good Pinterest find!
*We are having a Christmas dinner at our house tonight with the cousins. The presents have been wrapped and we have a yummy dinner planned. Tis the season!

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