Friday, January 1, 2016

Christmas 2015

Our first Christmas in Cleveland was one that we won't forget. It was our first year, in a long time, that we've been close to family. The holidays with family nearby are so fun!
We had a cousin Christmas the Monday before Christmas. We had dinner and exchanged presents. Barrett has been obsessed with the Lion King so they were able to get him a stuffed animal from Disney World when they visited last month...he LOVED it!
The kids loved playing with their new toys and they always love playing with their cousins. It was so much fun to celebrate with all of them!
Christmas Eve we went to a live nativity. The nativity was outside, narrated and the characters were in the traditional clothing. The kids were enthralled and they asked a lot of questions about the birth of our Savior.
We headed home after the nativity and got ready for Santa. We made cookies earlier in the day so we put them on a plate, poured him some milk and wrote some letters.
Amelia and Barrett both told me what they wanted me to write. HA! Some of the sentences didn't really go together but I know that when they are older, we are going to love looking back at these!
We woke up Christmas morning and Santa came, ate all the cookies and drank most of the milk. The kids were squealing as soon as they came out of their rooms.
Later that morning, we had some special visitors. Aunt Diane and Grandpa came over and we had brunch. They got the kids a few gifts and the kids were in heaven.
We left the house on Christmas around lunchtime and we had Christmas dinner at Aunt Kim's house. It was so good to have Christmas with family, yummy food and great company!
We had such a fun packed day with our family. Christmas was a major success--minus the fact that we didn't get a family picture.
Our first and last Christmas in Ohio was so great.
Merry Christmas, friends!!

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