Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas Week

Since I work for a University, I was off two weeks for Christmas break and Jason was on call for 6 days and they let him take it from home, which typically isn't allowed. Well...he didn't get called in so we had a nice long break together. It was so nice!!

While we were on Christmas break, we got together with the cousins to go and watch Star Wars. The older kids loved having their own popcorn and their own drinks. Amelia really liked the movie--the main character is a girl so she was all about it.
The deer in our back yard are constantly eating all of our bird feed from our feeder. We've purchased multiple feeders in the few months that we've been here because they yank them down and they break. Jason went outside and tried to scare them but they didn't care. I had to snap a picture of the madness.
Amelia wasn't feeling well last week so we were keeping an eye on her. Well, New Years Eve came and she wasn't feeling well at all. She was up all night crying with ear pain so I took her to Urgent Care on New Years day. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my first few hours of 2016 but glad we were able to get her in to see a doctor. She ended up needing an antibiotic for a double ear infection.
We hooked the Wii up and taught the kids how to bowl, play baseball and box. They really liked the different characters.
We took the kids and met the cousins at the Natural History Museum. The dinosaur bones/fossils were going to be packed up on January 4th and I wanted to see them before they left. The kids weren't really feeling it so we spent a lot of time in the kid's adventure room but we got to see the dinosaurs, even it was just for a little bit.
We ended the year with a bang and with our cousins. It was such a fun Christmas week and a great ending to 2015!

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