Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Disney On Ice

A last minute decision had me and the kiddos at Disney on Ice on Sunday afternoon. We tossed around the idea a few weeks ago but never fully committed--until we were talking with the cousins and they were tossing around the idea too.
We had seats right in the middle of the ice and the kids were so excited when they got in the arena and saw the decorations and the ice!
The kids were so into the songs, the characters and all the different light settings. I love their intense faces in this picture!
Our favorite acts were the Princess song (where all the princesses and their princes came out) and The Lion King (surprise, surprise). We had such a fun afternoon with our cousins at Disney on Ice!
We left the arena and were shocked at the amount of snow that had fallen is just a few hours. We ended up having to cancel an evening birthday party--Jason was on call and I didn't trust myself to drive with the kids at night. We stayed home, bundled up and watched some movies.
I love being able to do so many fun things with the kids. Life can be difficult sometimes but moments like these make me forget some of those times!

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