Sunday, January 31, 2016

iPhone Dump

The kids have swim each week and before their lessons, they play with the chalkboard walls. Amelia practiced her writing "A" and then she went through and circled all of them. So proud of her progress and her writing without me prompting her.
Barrett still naps a few hours each day. I usually lay down with him for a little bit and had to take a picture of sweet little face. Those lashes...those lips...
My sweet little boy doesn't lay still, unless he's napping, so I had to get some of his sweet features.
Jason was working late one night so we took the kids to Hands on Pottery. It's a pottery place in town that you can paint different pieces. The kids painted a Christmas ornament (forgot to do it before Christmas) and I also let them pick something else to paint. Amelia painted a heart bank and Barrett chose a rabbit.
Barrett looked too cute going potty to not get a picture of my wild boy. He's doing such a great job of going on the big boy potty!
Our little ones are growing so fast, some days are harder than others and I'm so thankful that I'm around to document all of our memories.
Love having pictures like these that need "dumped" on our family blog.

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