Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Our Week (And It's Only Wednesday)

We started out the week with a little competition between one of the biggest rivals in the NFL. The Steelers were playing the Browns and we each chose a side. Barrett wasn't so sure about the brown and orange jersey but Amelia was rocking the black and yellow!
Our cousins came over and we acted like it was the Superbowl...we had tons of food and drinks to watch the game.
The Steelers pulled out a win and are headed to the playoffs!  Woo hoo! 
Sorry, Barrett! Your team is out. As you can tell, he was pretty much out of it for most of the game.
Amelia was sick last week so we knew that it was only a matter of time before it started circulating through the house. Well, Monday morning around 2am, Barrett came downstairs with fever, a crazy cough and vomiting. He got some medicine and his DVD player and we tried to get as comfortable as possible.
Monday was rough. Poor guy was so sick, lethargic and weak. We didn't do much except for lay around, take medicine and push liquids down him.
Tuesday was about the same. Amelia was dying for some attention and was starting to act out, as a result, so we agreed to spend some girl time together when Barrett laid down for a nap.
She wanted to go and get a pedicure and eat at Panera--so that's what we did.
We took Barrett some macaroni home and were shocked when we got home and he ate the whole thing. Poor guy was so hungry! The food gave him a little burst of energy and he got up and played a little bit before heading to bed.
Bedtime was a little rough but he was only up one time for medicine and he went back to sleep. We ended up sleeping in the chair from 3:30am until we woke up because laying down created too much drainage and caused him to cough and vomit.
Amelia went to school this morning and we went to Target. Barrett enjoyed getting out of the house and I enjoyed the Christmas aisles with the 90% discounts!
Praying that our family continues getting better and that the sickness stays out of the house over the next couple of weeks.
We are taking an adult skiing trip to Colorado this month and we would love to leave the kids healthy and happy for Nannie!

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