Friday, January 8, 2016

Things On Our Schedule

It's crazy to think that in five months we will move from Ohio to Missouri, for the last stage in our crazy journey.
Here are a few things that we have going on over the next couple of months: 
1-I'm filling out the kid's preschool applications. WHAT?!  Both kids will be starting pre-school in August and I'm crossing my fingers that they get in to our first choice! I will mail in the applications the last week of January and we should know something by the beginning of summer.

2-We found a few homes that we like in Missouri. We are planning on taking a trip to Missouri in February to look at them and meet with our realtor. Amelia is going to go with us and she is over the moon to fly on an airplane and look at houses with us.
3-Amelia's birthday party is the first weekend in February. Jason's work/study schedule is a little rough so we are going to squeeze it in the first weekend of the month. 
4-Jason takes his oral boards in North Carolina the first week of March and we're so nervous/anxious/excited to have this test out of the way. He's been studying as much as he can (he doesn't have much down time) and having this off of his shoulders will be a huge relief.
5-We just found out that Jason's first day at his new job is July 5th. We'll move home in June and then he'll get to enjoy the July 4th holiday with us before starting work.
6-We have a vacation to Colorado (adult only) with our friends from St. Maarten. My sister and her family is actually going skiing at the same place so we'll be able to meet up with them too. Can't wait to get back on a mountain...praying for no injuries.

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