Friday, February 26, 2016


Amelia has been asking to go to Build-A-Bear so one day last week, I took the kids to the mall so we could see what the hype was all about.
I remember going to Build-A-Bear when I was younger but I didn't really remember what it was all about. The kids were so excited to pick out their bear (and pup), stuff it with fluff, clean it, dress it and then name it.
Amelia chose a Wonder Woman bear and Barrett chose Chase from Paw Patrol.
 They stuffed them, added a special heart and then sealed their new creations with a kiss.
Once their bears/pups were stuffed and sealed, they took them to the bath tub to get them all nice and clean. This was probably their favorite step!
Once we finished at the bath, we picked out their outfits, named them and got a printed birth certificate. This was hard because they wanted to run around the store and I was trying to get everything printed out. We survived and celebrated by taking a train ride around the mall with our new friends!
They had so much fun making their build-a-bear creations and I enjoyed taking a walk back through an expensive memory lane. HA!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


We took the front of Barrett's crib off and converted it to a big boy bed. He LOVES it--he's still learning to stay in there all night but he's so proud of his accomplishment. Notice all his toys in his bed...
Amelia and Barrett have been getting together really well the past few weeks. I feel like we are at a sweet spot with their ages. They are talking so much and playing so well together. One night before bed she wanted to read books to him and of course, I had to document it.
Barrett has really been enjoying his swim lessons--like listening to his instructor and acting out what he wants. In the bath the other night, he asked for his googles so he could search for dive sticks. He was so proud and looked so big!
I got strep and was out of commission for a few days. I literally felt like I was going to die. I sent this picture (flattering, huh?) to Jason and said "get home. I'm dying"
Amelia had her 4 year well-child check and she passed with flying colors. She did so well and looked so adorable during her checkup. She got to wear these super fashionable glasses to help with her vision screening.
We celebrated her appointment (and shots) with some cotton candy ice cream and a trip to Target. When did she turn 10?!  She looks so big in this picture!

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Glass Asylum

Saturday evening we headed out on a date to The Glass Asylum.
The Glass Asylum is a large warehouse in a neighboring town that allows you to blow glass and make your own creations. Honestly, I've been looking forward to this fun night out for a while.
We decided that we wanted to make a bowl together.
The process was pretty involved and very warm. The room had a main area where we got the glass on our rod and then two 'glory holes' where we can reheat the glass on our rod.
We decided that we wanted to make a clear bowl with green specks around the bottom of the bowl.
All glass when heated to 2200 degrees turns a red/orange color so we could see the green in it but we could see the speckles along the bottom.
Once we had the color on the glass, then we had to start shaping the glass. We used a few different tools on the hot glass, which was a little intimidating, but we ended up getting a pretty good round shape for our bowl.
It's hard to see but here is our finished bowl. Look hard on the end of that rod!
The bowl had to sit in a heated space that was 900 degrees for a few days and then we'll be able to go in and pick up the finished product.
We had such a fun night doing something new and crafty--always a plus in my book.  I'm excited to see what our finished product will look like and, as always, I'm so thankful for date nights!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What We've Been Up To

I can't believe we are more than halfway through February. The past week has flown by...we've done a lot of traveling and we've been juggling a lot of different things. 
Winter decided to arrive in full force this last week/weekend. Grandpa's viewing was on Friday night and then the service/burial was on Saturday morning.
Both of the kids did fantastic at the funeral home. They had some quiet toys and they gave hugs at just the right moments. They received compliments from others...they were seriously so good.
Andrew flew in for the funeral and him and Barrett were fixing the table leg before dinner. The kids loved seeing their Uncle for a few days.
We drove back home Friday night (during a blizzard) and then back to PA on Saturday morning. The roads were horrible and we drove about 40 mph for the was a pretty intense trip. Sidenote--big trucks go way too fast on the road during snowstorms.
With such a sad and crazy weekend, we decided to stay home on Valentine's Day to get rested for the week ahead. I love these cuties! We were all squished in Amelia's bed watching Marley and Me.
Mom ended up so sick (she didn't even make it to the funeral home) so I took a day off of work, on Monday, and spent some time with the kiddos.
We ran some errands and somehow found our place at the gym. These cuties would live at the gym if I would let them.
Our weeks are zooming by--between school, swim, gymnastics and anything else we can manage to squeeze into our free time. 
Three weeks until Jason takes his boards, four weeks until we go house searching and sixteen weeks until we move...times is flying by.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Broken Hearts

Wednesday morning we lost a very special man. Jason's grandpa passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday morning in his home in Pennsylvania.
Since we moved to Ohio, actually since we moved to Pennsylvania four years ago, we have been closer to Grandpa. It's been great to get to spend holidays together, celebrate birthdays together and just hang out on Sunday afternoons.
We're all pretty heart broken right now but we're trying to remember those times that we got to spend together. Someone mentioned that maybe God's plan for us this year in Ohio (a place that I dreaded moving to) was so that we could spend some extra time with Grandpa and the Conway family.
Tonight is the funeral and tomorrow is the burial and we've been trying to explain it, the best we can, to Amelia.
She wanted to make something special for him "that he will love" and to show him that she misses him. She doesn't fully understand but she's processing it all pretty well.
She ended up making him a set of flowers that she can put on the ground once he gets buried and I thought it was such a sweet and thoughtful gesture.
We sure are going to miss Grandpa Great but we're thankful for the time that we had with him and that our kids have some sweet memories with him.
Please pray for the Conway family during this difficult time! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Amelia!

On Sunday, February 7th, we celebrated Amelia's FOURTH birthday party. She requested a party at the gym and she went with a princess theme. We went to the party store about a month before the party and she picked out all the decorations, plates, napkins and all the princess accessories that they had. A couple days before the party, she talked her dad into getting a new leotard for the party. She ended up with a pink, sparkly leotard and she looked so adorable.
We counted down the number of sleeps that led to the day of the party and when she woke up on Sunday, she was beaming.
Her party was at 3pm so we spent the morning relaxing and then around noon we had to get the last minute balloons and few errands.
It didn't take too long to decorate at the gym...we made it as pink and with as many princesses as possible.
We played for the first hour half of the party. There were so many giggles during that time...I loved watching them all play.
Once we finished in the gym, we headed to the party area to sing and eat birthday cupcakes.
She said that she had the best birthday EVER...she was surrounded by all her friends and she had the best time!
I can't believe that our little girl just had her 4th birthday party--doesn't seem possible.
Happy Birthday, Amelia Jean! 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Busy, Busy

Our weeks have been blurring together because of all the things that have been on our calendar. The weather has also been fairly nice for February so we have been trying to take advantage.
One day we headed to our favorite farm. The kids were waiting for Jason and Nannie to get the shed so we could take a tractor ride. How big do they look here?!
We've also been taking advantage of open gym at a nearby gymnastics studio. The kids get an hour and a half to play, run, jump and release some energy. It's definitely one of the more popular outings that we do each week.
Amelia is still going to school twice a week. I happened to take a picture of her in the waving window. She is so adorable and says some of the funniest things right before I leave.
I've still actively going to the gym. I just need to get my diet under control and things would be glorious. I've joined a DietBet this month so we'll see if that helps incentivize me a little more than normal.
Barrett (Amelia too, actually) has really taken to the dogs lately. He wants to feed them, hold them, sleep with them, etc. He requested a picture the other day so I had to get one of him and his pup. I had to take it fast before Bazzle passed out from the choke hold move HA (no pups were harmed in the taking of this photo)
Amelia has been swimming so good. She recently graduated from her fourth class. She's moving on up. The last thing she had to do was swim the length of the lane by herself...such a proud moment!
We went to an indoor pool with our cousins this past weekend. The kids area was shallow enough that Amelia could swim and stand if she got tired: win-win! The kids loved it...I have a feeling we'll be visiting there frequently too.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers

Saturday night was probably one of my most anticipated date nights. We got discounted tickets through the Clevland Clinic so we took full advantage.
Our seats weren't great but the game was pretty awesome. They played the San Antonio Spurs and it was probably one of the best games that they've played this year.
I had to zoom in but I was able to get a picture of Labron James shooting his free-throws.
We really enjoyed the game and our time together. So thankful for our date nights and our time together...with two little ones, it's definitely needed!