Friday, February 26, 2016


Amelia has been asking to go to Build-A-Bear so one day last week, I took the kids to the mall so we could see what the hype was all about.
I remember going to Build-A-Bear when I was younger but I didn't really remember what it was all about. The kids were so excited to pick out their bear (and pup), stuff it with fluff, clean it, dress it and then name it.
Amelia chose a Wonder Woman bear and Barrett chose Chase from Paw Patrol.
 They stuffed them, added a special heart and then sealed their new creations with a kiss.
Once their bears/pups were stuffed and sealed, they took them to the bath tub to get them all nice and clean. This was probably their favorite step!
Once we finished at the bath, we picked out their outfits, named them and got a printed birth certificate. This was hard because they wanted to run around the store and I was trying to get everything printed out. We survived and celebrated by taking a train ride around the mall with our new friends!
They had so much fun making their build-a-bear creations and I enjoyed taking a walk back through an expensive memory lane. HA!

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