Monday, February 8, 2016

Busy, Busy

Our weeks have been blurring together because of all the things that have been on our calendar. The weather has also been fairly nice for February so we have been trying to take advantage.
One day we headed to our favorite farm. The kids were waiting for Jason and Nannie to get the shed so we could take a tractor ride. How big do they look here?!
We've also been taking advantage of open gym at a nearby gymnastics studio. The kids get an hour and a half to play, run, jump and release some energy. It's definitely one of the more popular outings that we do each week.
Amelia is still going to school twice a week. I happened to take a picture of her in the waving window. She is so adorable and says some of the funniest things right before I leave.
I've still actively going to the gym. I just need to get my diet under control and things would be glorious. I've joined a DietBet this month so we'll see if that helps incentivize me a little more than normal.
Barrett (Amelia too, actually) has really taken to the dogs lately. He wants to feed them, hold them, sleep with them, etc. He requested a picture the other day so I had to get one of him and his pup. I had to take it fast before Bazzle passed out from the choke hold move HA (no pups were harmed in the taking of this photo)
Amelia has been swimming so good. She recently graduated from her fourth class. She's moving on up. The last thing she had to do was swim the length of the lane by herself...such a proud moment!
We went to an indoor pool with our cousins this past weekend. The kids area was shallow enough that Amelia could swim and stand if she got tired: win-win! The kids loved it...I have a feeling we'll be visiting there frequently too.

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