Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday, Amelia!

On Sunday, February 7th, we celebrated Amelia's FOURTH birthday party. She requested a party at the gym and she went with a princess theme. We went to the party store about a month before the party and she picked out all the decorations, plates, napkins and all the princess accessories that they had. A couple days before the party, she talked her dad into getting a new leotard for the party. She ended up with a pink, sparkly leotard and she looked so adorable.
We counted down the number of sleeps that led to the day of the party and when she woke up on Sunday, she was beaming.
Her party was at 3pm so we spent the morning relaxing and then around noon we had to get the last minute balloons and few errands.
It didn't take too long to decorate at the gym...we made it as pink and with as many princesses as possible.
We played for the first hour half of the party. There were so many giggles during that time...I loved watching them all play.
Once we finished in the gym, we headed to the party area to sing and eat birthday cupcakes.
She said that she had the best birthday EVER...she was surrounded by all her friends and she had the best time!
I can't believe that our little girl just had her 4th birthday party--doesn't seem possible.
Happy Birthday, Amelia Jean! 

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