Wednesday, February 24, 2016


We took the front of Barrett's crib off and converted it to a big boy bed. He LOVES it--he's still learning to stay in there all night but he's so proud of his accomplishment. Notice all his toys in his bed...
Amelia and Barrett have been getting together really well the past few weeks. I feel like we are at a sweet spot with their ages. They are talking so much and playing so well together. One night before bed she wanted to read books to him and of course, I had to document it.
Barrett has really been enjoying his swim lessons--like listening to his instructor and acting out what he wants. In the bath the other night, he asked for his googles so he could search for dive sticks. He was so proud and looked so big!
I got strep and was out of commission for a few days. I literally felt like I was going to die. I sent this picture (flattering, huh?) to Jason and said "get home. I'm dying"
Amelia had her 4 year well-child check and she passed with flying colors. She did so well and looked so adorable during her checkup. She got to wear these super fashionable glasses to help with her vision screening.
We celebrated her appointment (and shots) with some cotton candy ice cream and a trip to Target. When did she turn 10?!  She looks so big in this picture!

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