Monday, February 22, 2016

The Glass Asylum

Saturday evening we headed out on a date to The Glass Asylum.
The Glass Asylum is a large warehouse in a neighboring town that allows you to blow glass and make your own creations. Honestly, I've been looking forward to this fun night out for a while.
We decided that we wanted to make a bowl together.
The process was pretty involved and very warm. The room had a main area where we got the glass on our rod and then two 'glory holes' where we can reheat the glass on our rod.
We decided that we wanted to make a clear bowl with green specks around the bottom of the bowl.
All glass when heated to 2200 degrees turns a red/orange color so we could see the green in it but we could see the speckles along the bottom.
Once we had the color on the glass, then we had to start shaping the glass. We used a few different tools on the hot glass, which was a little intimidating, but we ended up getting a pretty good round shape for our bowl.
It's hard to see but here is our finished bowl. Look hard on the end of that rod!
The bowl had to sit in a heated space that was 900 degrees for a few days and then we'll be able to go in and pick up the finished product.
We had such a fun night doing something new and crafty--always a plus in my book.  I'm excited to see what our finished product will look like and, as always, I'm so thankful for date nights!

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