Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What We've Been Up To

I can't believe we are more than halfway through February. The past week has flown by...we've done a lot of traveling and we've been juggling a lot of different things. 
Winter decided to arrive in full force this last week/weekend. Grandpa's viewing was on Friday night and then the service/burial was on Saturday morning.
Both of the kids did fantastic at the funeral home. They had some quiet toys and they gave hugs at just the right moments. They received compliments from others...they were seriously so good.
Andrew flew in for the funeral and him and Barrett were fixing the table leg before dinner. The kids loved seeing their Uncle for a few days.
We drove back home Friday night (during a blizzard) and then back to PA on Saturday morning. The roads were horrible and we drove about 40 mph for the was a pretty intense trip. Sidenote--big trucks go way too fast on the road during snowstorms.
With such a sad and crazy weekend, we decided to stay home on Valentine's Day to get rested for the week ahead. I love these cuties! We were all squished in Amelia's bed watching Marley and Me.
Mom ended up so sick (she didn't even make it to the funeral home) so I took a day off of work, on Monday, and spent some time with the kiddos.
We ran some errands and somehow found our place at the gym. These cuties would live at the gym if I would let them.
Our weeks are zooming by--between school, swim, gymnastics and anything else we can manage to squeeze into our free time. 
Three weeks until Jason takes his boards, four weeks until we go house searching and sixteen weeks until we move...times is flying by.

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