Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Easter, Easter And More Easter

We started the Easter festivities on Friday. We had an Easter party at our house--we dyed eggs, had an egg hunt, made resurrection rolls and played until our hearts were content.
We ended the party with a silly string fight. The kids have really made some great little friends during our "pit-stop" in Cleveland and they will definitely be missed.
We woke up on Saturday and our house had been "EGGED". There were 12 hidden eggs in the yard and the kids thought it was the best thing.
We found all the eggs and discovered that most were filled with yummy candy, our very favorite kind of eggs!
Saturday evening we headed to our family's house to do a small get-together for Easter.
They had an Easter hunt for the kids, gave them yummy Easter treats and then the kids played and the adult socialized. I'm so glad that we are close to family during our year here...it's nice to celebrate with them during the holidays!
Easter morning was the icing on the cake. The kids woke up to baskets filled with goodies, eggs hidden in the front yard and a special sprinkled donut.
We went to church, grabbed a quick lunch and then headed to the Farm Park. The weather was beautiful and we knew we wanted to take full advantage.
We finished out the day with a nice meal, made on the grill, and our afternoon outside. Our Easter, this year, wasn't as traditional as years in the past but we definitely enjoyed our time together as a family. Thankful for a Savior that died and rose again so we will have life in HIM.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

4-Day Weekend

This week has been a little more chaotic than most but we are so excited that tomorrow is a day off of work for me (Mommy), which means we get a four-day weekend!
Our week was full of crazy moments: 
Barrett decided to run a fever for most of the days and nights until we put him on antibiotics and he has gained back his energetic, spunky little self.
Amelia had two fun-filled Easter days at school. One day they did art with a potato and paint...she loved it! She also got to wear a summer skirt to school on Wednesday because the temperature was in the 60s!
We finished and submitted Jason's licensing paperwork, the application for the hospital and our rental application. One of which, the rental application, was rejected because they didn't want to hold it for us until June. So...the search continues for a rental property and we cross our fingers that the other applications go through with less hiccups!
Jason is post-call today, which means we are trying to be quiet so he can sleep, and then we have gymnastics tonight followed by swimming lessons tomorrow. 
We are having an Easter party at the house tomorrow with some friends. We will dye some eggs, have an egg hunt, make resurrection rolls and have some yummy Easter snacks.
This will be the perfect start to a fun and long weekend.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

This weekend was the first day of spring and we didn't quite have "spring" weather but we did get to do some fun things!
Wes, our cousin, turned two. We helped him celebrate with a dinosaur birthday, yummy cake and presents. We loved helping him celebrate another year...love you Wessy!
We also took the kids to Eggshelland. Eggshelland was started by a Cleveland man that wanted some fun Easter decorations for the community to look at. For 55 years, he collected, painted and made designs in his front yard. He had thousands and thousands of shells--one year, alone, a snow storm damaged 10,000 shells. WHAT?! 
He passed away in 2012 and his family was going to throw out all the shells and a group wanted to preserve his hard work and the history so they took some of them and made a much smaller display.
Some of the displays were hard to see but as soon as we took a picture, our eyes could focus a little better and the picture was so much easier to see.
The weather was cool, but windy, so we decided to try out the kites one day. Amelia was a pro at getting the kites to get up and she loved running through the yard with her kite string.
As you can tell from Barrett's picture, it was cold. He requested a hat and gloves, while Amelia was running around dressed like summer.
Our weekend was a great start to a fun (and hopefully warm) spring! We have 11 weeks left in Ohio so we are trying to soak as much in as possible during these next few weeks!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What We've Been Up To

I honestly don't know where all the hours are going but time is flying and our schedules seem to get more packed with each passing week.
Jason flew out to take his oral boards this past Sunday. He left on Sunday and his exam was scheduled on Monday. Amelia was sending him kisses via text and I thought that it was the sweetest thing.
The trip and the exam were brutal but he made it home around midnight on Monday and was up and at work by 5am on Tuesday. He will get his results in three weeks...praying for good news.
The weather has transitioned to warmer weather and we are loving it. We went to one of our favorite parks with our cousins one afternoon. The kids LOVED it!
I had a parent/teacher conference at Amelia's school this week and loved hearing her teachers praise her sweet, helpful personality. They just kept saying over and over "thank you for sharing her with us...she's such a blessing in our class."  I was beaming by the time I left the 15 minute meeting--so proud of our big girl!

Swim lessons is always one of our favorite things on our calendar. These two little fishes love the water and I love watching their confidence grow.
We are heading to Missouri this weekend for a quick trip to look at some properties. Amelia was picking out her outfits so we could finish packing her suitcase.
Barrett has been sleeping in a big boy bed for about two weeks and he is doing so good. Some nights are better than others but he really enjoys his bed and feeling like a big boy.