Thursday, March 24, 2016

4-Day Weekend

This week has been a little more chaotic than most but we are so excited that tomorrow is a day off of work for me (Mommy), which means we get a four-day weekend!
Our week was full of crazy moments: 
Barrett decided to run a fever for most of the days and nights until we put him on antibiotics and he has gained back his energetic, spunky little self.
Amelia had two fun-filled Easter days at school. One day they did art with a potato and paint...she loved it! She also got to wear a summer skirt to school on Wednesday because the temperature was in the 60s!
We finished and submitted Jason's licensing paperwork, the application for the hospital and our rental application. One of which, the rental application, was rejected because they didn't want to hold it for us until June. So...the search continues for a rental property and we cross our fingers that the other applications go through with less hiccups!
Jason is post-call today, which means we are trying to be quiet so he can sleep, and then we have gymnastics tonight followed by swimming lessons tomorrow. 
We are having an Easter party at the house tomorrow with some friends. We will dye some eggs, have an egg hunt, make resurrection rolls and have some yummy Easter snacks.
This will be the perfect start to a fun and long weekend.

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