Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Has Sprung!

This weekend was the first day of spring and we didn't quite have "spring" weather but we did get to do some fun things!
Wes, our cousin, turned two. We helped him celebrate with a dinosaur birthday, yummy cake and presents. We loved helping him celebrate another year...love you Wessy!
We also took the kids to Eggshelland. Eggshelland was started by a Cleveland man that wanted some fun Easter decorations for the community to look at. For 55 years, he collected, painted and made designs in his front yard. He had thousands and thousands of shells--one year, alone, a snow storm damaged 10,000 shells. WHAT?! 
He passed away in 2012 and his family was going to throw out all the shells and a group wanted to preserve his hard work and the history so they took some of them and made a much smaller display.
Some of the displays were hard to see but as soon as we took a picture, our eyes could focus a little better and the picture was so much easier to see.
The weather was cool, but windy, so we decided to try out the kites one day. Amelia was a pro at getting the kites to get up and she loved running through the yard with her kite string.
As you can tell from Barrett's picture, it was cold. He requested a hat and gloves, while Amelia was running around dressed like summer.
Our weekend was a great start to a fun (and hopefully warm) spring! We have 11 weeks left in Ohio so we are trying to soak as much in as possible during these next few weeks!

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