Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Snuggle Bear

Jason was on call on Sunday so when Barrett woke up that morning, instead of taking him back to his room, I let him lay in my bed. He's such a snuggly little bear and I love when we get to snuggle in the morning! Amelia tends to sleep in later (thank goodness) so it gives us a little bit of one-on-one time to snuggle, talk and watch cartoons.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cuteness Overload

The kids are at an age where they really LOVE their pups. They are constantly playing, petting and feeding them treats. Muzzy sleeps with Amelia every night and Bazzle is always by Barrett so they have chosen the pups that are "theirs"
This morning before Amelia went to school, they wanted a picture with their dogs.
All four of my babies in one picture...doesn't get much sweeter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend was amazing...couldn't have asked for a better time OR better weather to be outside! On Saturday we headed to our favorite spot, the Farm Park. They got to enjoy a pony ride--first one of the season.
Barrett was so excited to get on the pony and then when the time came for him to get on, he wasn't too sure. Jason (and Amelia) had to walk with him and he refused to smile or act like he enjoyed it. He loved it but didn't want to show it :)
We are really going to miss all the animals at the Farm really is our favorite place to visit.

We got a bubble machine the other day. The kids got bubble guns and they didn't work, so we returned them and got one machine. It uses a ton of bubbles but they love it!
It was such a fun weekend outside--sometimes it's the little things that make us smile and this weekend, it was sunshine and bubbles!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Snapshots & Updates

Because life has been full of the same routine, here are some snapshots and updates!
*We finally have a rental in Missouri, the utilities are in our name for our move in date and we are starting to get all the moving details planned.
*Amelia is really into gymnastics. She just finished her first class and we've watched her love for tumbling and swinging grow. The other day she asked for "chalk" so she could work on her skills.
We improvised with flour and she thought it was so awesome !
*Last week we had a crazy cold front and we ended up getting some significant accumulation. I think we ended up getting 3 inches but they were calling for close to 8 along the lake. Come on spring...we are ready for you!
*The kids had their dental appointments this week (last one in Ohio) and everything checked out great. Both have healthy and strong teeth.  I've started searching for a good pediatric dentist in Missouri--I want my kids to love the dentist and not have a fear of their appointments. Amelia has no fear but Barrett is still really hesitant and his appointment usually involves tears. 
*Barrett is really into stacking tall towers right now. He loves to build with his blocks, stack his books and anything else that he can make into a tower. I love watching him grow and learn new things!
*Amelia wanted to take a nap in Barrett's bed the other day. She looked so sweet and I, of course, had to get a picture.
*The weather has been warming up so one nice day, we headed to the zoo. A trip to the zoo isn't complete without Amelia getting her face painted and staring at "Simba and Nahla" until we have to drag them away.
*The pups have their yearly exam next month (last one in Ohio) and then we'll work on getting their records updated and sent to their new vet in Missouri.
*Speaking of updated records, there is so much that needs to be carried over and updated to our new providers (insurance, utilities, car registration, vet records, doctor records, etc)
*Amelia just finished her first gymnastics session. They ended the seven weeks with a small medal ceremony. She was so proud of her hard work and her medal.

*Seven weeks until we move--until then, we are enjoying Cleveland and making as many memories as possible.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Let's Dance

We were able to score some tickets to Sesame Street Live: Let's Dance. The kids aren't really into Sesame Street but I knew that they would enjoy the loud music, the bright colors and just being in the theatre.
The show was at Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland. Amelia said it looked like New York funny!
We had decent seats in the middle of the theatre but I'm not sure that there was a bad seat in the house when there are characters everywhere, music blaring and everyone standing up to dance!
We had a great time dancing and singing with the Sesame Street crew. We loved to see familiar characters and sing familiar songs...I love making these sweet memories with my crew.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pick Up Line

The pups wanted to go and get Amelia from school this week. She thought it was "so amazing" and she couldn't stop squealing and giggling.
The pups weren't too sure of the car ride but the kids did their best to talk them through the turns and the bumps. I have a feeling the drive to Missouri is going to be an adventure...HA!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Moving Update

Now that we are 8 weeks away from packing up our things in Ohio and moving to Missouri, I thought I would update the blog with how things are going.
Since we are renting during our time here, the stress isn't comparable to when we moved from Pennsylvania. We've been working to get a new tenant in our house because we love our landlord and we love our house/location. So far we have a few people interested but nothing set in stone.

As of today, the moving trailer has been booked and the weekend we are moving has been set.
We've asked some family and friends to help us load the trailer on moving weekend... gotta love family and friends. We can pick the trailer up at 8am and we'll start loading it as soon as it gets back to our house. We have a going away party at noon (we might just go for a bit) and then Jason has his graduation ceremony that night. Our weekend will be slightly chaotic.

We will head out super early on the following day for the drive. Each of us will have to drive: I'll drive a car with the kids, Jason will drive the trailer and Mom will drive her car. It is estimated to take about 12 hours but with three different vehicles, I'm sure that it might take a little longer. Fingers crossed everyone is so excited (and jacked up on energy drinks) that the drive seems like a few minutes.

Once we arrive in Missouri, Jason will be home with us for the week before he has to fly back to Cleveland to finish out his last few weeks. His car will be parked at the airport so as soon as he arrives, he can have his car to drive back to the house.

Monday, April 4, 2016

IX Amusement Center

We woke up on Sunday morning and the ground was covered with snow. Snow in April should be illegal...just saying.
We had a packed day--the kids had hair cuts and we had tickets to go to the IX center. The IX center is a large building that has specialized events throughout the year. Right now, the center houses an amusement park and we've heard great things about it.
We met some friends and we spent the whole day riding rides and eating yummy food.
After our friends left, we did a few things that cost a little bit extra. Amelia wanted to try the rock wall--I was nervous to let her try but decided to let her to see how high she could get.
She made it about half way up the wall and I was so proud of her and her determination.
The last stop of our day was the bouncing area. Both kids wanted to give it a try and they were all smiles the whole time.
We spent FIVE full hours at the IX Center--we rode a ton of rides, saw a sea lion show, enjoyed some Dippin' Dots and did a few activities.
We were all pretty wiped out when we left--we had just enough energy to eat some dinner, change into our pjs and spend the evening relaxed out on the couch.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Great Lakes Science Center

Saturday evening, the Clinic rented out the Great Lakes Science Center for the residents/fellows and we knew we had to go!
We got a buffet style dinner, drinks and then we had the whole center to explore. The kid section was our first (and only) stop...the kids had such a great time playing with the other kids in the group.
Here are a few of the pictures of our time there...
There was a ball pit that had a pulley system and a suction tube that put the balls in a larger holder above the pit. The kids worked hard to fill the holder so that they could dump all the balls on their heads.
Before going to bed, I had to take a picture out our front door. April 2nd and there was SNOW, everywhere.
I'm thankful that we get to explore the city, the museums and a lot of the things that draws tourist to our city. Such a fun night out with the family!!