Monday, April 4, 2016

IX Amusement Center

We woke up on Sunday morning and the ground was covered with snow. Snow in April should be illegal...just saying.
We had a packed day--the kids had hair cuts and we had tickets to go to the IX center. The IX center is a large building that has specialized events throughout the year. Right now, the center houses an amusement park and we've heard great things about it.
We met some friends and we spent the whole day riding rides and eating yummy food.
After our friends left, we did a few things that cost a little bit extra. Amelia wanted to try the rock wall--I was nervous to let her try but decided to let her to see how high she could get.
She made it about half way up the wall and I was so proud of her and her determination.
The last stop of our day was the bouncing area. Both kids wanted to give it a try and they were all smiles the whole time.
We spent FIVE full hours at the IX Center--we rode a ton of rides, saw a sea lion show, enjoyed some Dippin' Dots and did a few activities.
We were all pretty wiped out when we left--we had just enough energy to eat some dinner, change into our pjs and spend the evening relaxed out on the couch.

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