Friday, April 8, 2016

Moving Update

Now that we are 8 weeks away from packing up our things in Ohio and moving to Missouri, I thought I would update the blog with how things are going.
Since we are renting during our time here, the stress isn't comparable to when we moved from Pennsylvania. We've been working to get a new tenant in our house because we love our landlord and we love our house/location. So far we have a few people interested but nothing set in stone.

As of today, the moving trailer has been booked and the weekend we are moving has been set.
We've asked some family and friends to help us load the trailer on moving weekend... gotta love family and friends. We can pick the trailer up at 8am and we'll start loading it as soon as it gets back to our house. We have a going away party at noon (we might just go for a bit) and then Jason has his graduation ceremony that night. Our weekend will be slightly chaotic.

We will head out super early on the following day for the drive. Each of us will have to drive: I'll drive a car with the kids, Jason will drive the trailer and Mom will drive her car. It is estimated to take about 12 hours but with three different vehicles, I'm sure that it might take a little longer. Fingers crossed everyone is so excited (and jacked up on energy drinks) that the drive seems like a few minutes.

Once we arrive in Missouri, Jason will be home with us for the week before he has to fly back to Cleveland to finish out his last few weeks. His car will be parked at the airport so as soon as he arrives, he can have his car to drive back to the house.

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