Friday, April 1, 2016

Ready For The Weekend

*I booked our Budget trailer for our move to Missouri this week-- 9 weeks and we'll be making the drive.
*While Amelia was at school and I was on my lunch break, I took Barrett to Playground World. They offer free play times throughout the week and he needed a little space to run and get rid of energy.
He loved playing on all the equipment! How big does he look?!
*The weather has been nice in the evenings so we've been able to walk the pups around the block. Amelia is a little obsessed with her leotards (she calls them leos) and decided to walk the pup in her leotard. I probably should have made her wear something else over it, but she was so proud of her outfit choice.
I couldn't help but smile as my girl walked/ran around the block in her shoes and leotard. Love her confidence!
*The kids were outside one morning when the deer were passing through our back yard. They passed on the side of the house and walked closer and closer to the deer. The deer were spooked but the kids were still able to get a pretty good view of them.
I know it's hard to see them behind the tree on the left but they were in their rain gear and they were so sweet together.
We are ready for a fun weekend--Jason is off (the last one for the next couple of weeks) so we're going to take full advantage!

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