Friday, April 15, 2016

Snapshots & Updates

Because life has been full of the same routine, here are some snapshots and updates!
*We finally have a rental in Missouri, the utilities are in our name for our move in date and we are starting to get all the moving details planned.
*Amelia is really into gymnastics. She just finished her first class and we've watched her love for tumbling and swinging grow. The other day she asked for "chalk" so she could work on her skills.
We improvised with flour and she thought it was so awesome !
*Last week we had a crazy cold front and we ended up getting some significant accumulation. I think we ended up getting 3 inches but they were calling for close to 8 along the lake. Come on spring...we are ready for you!
*The kids had their dental appointments this week (last one in Ohio) and everything checked out great. Both have healthy and strong teeth.  I've started searching for a good pediatric dentist in Missouri--I want my kids to love the dentist and not have a fear of their appointments. Amelia has no fear but Barrett is still really hesitant and his appointment usually involves tears. 
*Barrett is really into stacking tall towers right now. He loves to build with his blocks, stack his books and anything else that he can make into a tower. I love watching him grow and learn new things!
*Amelia wanted to take a nap in Barrett's bed the other day. She looked so sweet and I, of course, had to get a picture.
*The weather has been warming up so one nice day, we headed to the zoo. A trip to the zoo isn't complete without Amelia getting her face painted and staring at "Simba and Nahla" until we have to drag them away.
*The pups have their yearly exam next month (last one in Ohio) and then we'll work on getting their records updated and sent to their new vet in Missouri.
*Speaking of updated records, there is so much that needs to be carried over and updated to our new providers (insurance, utilities, car registration, vet records, doctor records, etc)
*Amelia just finished her first gymnastics session. They ended the seven weeks with a small medal ceremony. She was so proud of her hard work and her medal.

*Seven weeks until we move--until then, we are enjoying Cleveland and making as many memories as possible.

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