Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekend Recap

This weekend was amazing...couldn't have asked for a better time OR better weather to be outside! On Saturday we headed to our favorite spot, the Farm Park. They got to enjoy a pony ride--first one of the season.
Barrett was so excited to get on the pony and then when the time came for him to get on, he wasn't too sure. Jason (and Amelia) had to walk with him and he refused to smile or act like he enjoyed it. He loved it but didn't want to show it :)
We are really going to miss all the animals at the Farm Park...it really is our favorite place to visit.

We got a bubble machine the other day. The kids got bubble guns and they didn't work, so we returned them and got one machine. It uses a ton of bubbles but they love it!
It was such a fun weekend outside--sometimes it's the little things that make us smile and this weekend, it was sunshine and bubbles!

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