Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Last Day Of Preschool

It's pretty crazy that Amelia has completed a full year of a preschool program during our time in Cleveland. She started out so shy and nervous when she would go to school and she ended out still shy but confident! We have really enjoyed watching her gain confidence with her friends and teachers and to feel more excited to learn her letters and numbers.
We took some pictures before I dropped her off at school...Barrett had to be included too. I wish that I hadn't packed everything away because I could do a comparison shot with her first and last day. Bummer!
She has been accepted into our top choice preschool in Missouri and we know that she will soar with her new teachers and friends.
When I picked her up, I had to get some pictures with her and her friends. She's made some great friends this year and she is going to miss them.
Congratulations on finishing your first full year in preschool, sweet girl. On to the next chapter...nothing but blue skies, cotton candy and rainbows!!

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