Monday, May 9, 2016

Letter Party Program

Friday evening, Amelia had the end-of-the-year program at her preschool. The program was titled "Letter Program Party". Each child was assigned a letter. They had to dress up like their letter and bring in a snack that started with the same letter. Amelia was assigned the letter "E" so she dressed up like Elsa and we brought Elsa cupcakes for her treat.
We weren't sure how brave Amelia would be on the stage (she's pretty shy) but as soon as she lined up, found her friends, she was so happy and excited to start!
They sang a few songs and we were shocked at how well she knew and performed the songs. I might have teared up a little watching her blossom on that stage. We were so proud of our little penguin.
Once the program was over, we enjoyed some snacks and some playtime out on the playground. She loved to show us her playground, her friends and all of the "cool" things at her school.
Such a proud moment for all of us.
Amelia only has a few more weeks of school before she starts a new preschool in Missouri. She's excited and anxious for the move but she's also going to miss her school and her friends in Cleveland.

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