Thursday, May 19, 2016

Two Weeks

We are now two weeks...let me repeat...TWO WEEKS away from our move to Missouri.
We are so excited to be close to family, to have a house of our own, to start making new friends and settling in to our new routine.
Our house in Ohio was recently put back on the market by our landlord so he can find new tenants. He's had a ton of interest (we've had a lot of people come through) so hopefully he will find someone to fill it soon. Trying to pack and make the house feel clean and spacious is difficult!

We've set end dates to our utilities in Ohio, set start dates to our utilities in Missouri, switched over our insurance policies for Missouri (states have different policy amounts), booked some friends on our moving weekend so we have some help and changed our mailing address to update the first weekend in June. Amelia has two more days in her pre-school, two more swim lessons (Barrett too) and two gymnastic sessions.
I still need to call our individual loan companies, our credit card company and any other bill that we have to update our address and we have to finish packing the last of our stuff and we'll be ready!

Things are slowly wrapping up and it's finally feeling real...our dreams are slowly turning into a reality.

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