Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Review

Friday we headed to a super fun place called Cafe O'Play. The kids got to run around, play in a ball pit, enjoy slides and a ton more fun things with their friends. They loved every second of it...just look at Barrett's smile.
Amelia was having too much fun with her friends to stop and pose for a picture.
We came home, ate some dinner and then headed to the park. My mom was diagnosed with shingles last week so we've been staying out of the house so she can have a little more peace and quiet.
These two cuties LOVE being outside...the park is always a successful trip!
Once we finished at the park (thank goodness for longer days), we went outside to enjoy the sunshine. We made a clothes rack into a gymnast bar for Amelia and Barrett to hang/swing on.
They think they are big stuff, especially when an Olympic leotard is involved. How big does she look?!
 Once Jason got home we loaded up the car for a road trip. We headed to Frank and Jess's house and Andy and Alissa met us there. We all were on the island together so we try to get together frequently! We knew we wanted to try to make our schedules include a fun weekend before we move to Missouri. Jason was on call on Sunday but we were able to have Friday night and the majority of Saturday with them. 
We don't get to see them very often because their schedules are crazy but when we get together, it's like we were never apart. I LOVE THAT!
Sunday morning when Jason went to work, he texted me telling me that it had snowed. Yeah's May 15th. Not falling for your tricks! HA
When we finally rolled out of bed a few hours later, we realized he wasn't joking. It was legit snowing and it didn't stop for a few hours. The sidewalks, the roads and the grass was covered.

The snow looked like hail balls but it was so soft and slushie. I still can't believe I got a picture of snow in May...only in Cleveland!
We had a jammed packed weekend with fun and friends. Only two more weekends before we move to Missouri!! 

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