Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Weekend With Friends

Friday night (actually Saturday morning) our friends from Michigan came to visit. Paul and Jason went to medical school and their two years of clinicals in California together. Things look a little different now than they did then but it was so awesome to see our little families together.
Saturday we headed to the Farm Park...because it's our favorite place in all of Cleveland. I wish I would have taken more pictures but all I got was the two pictures below from our day there...parenting fail.
The kids were out of their routine so we attempted rest time, instead of nap time, once we got home from the park. The kids wanted to lay down and watch a movie so we were hopeful. I think this scene lasted about 15 minutes before they were running through the house HA!
We spent the rest of the weekend playing, laughing, running through the house and enjoying some tasty treats. It was so good to get together with them again! We've already scheduled another visit in the next year!

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