Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Nights

Summer nights aren't complete without a bonfire, friends, family and a pink, long-sleeve leotard.
Loving these summer nights!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Missing Daddy

Jason drove to Missouri to help us get all of our stuff here and then flew back to Cleveland to finish out his fellowship. He's been gone a week and a half and we are missing him something fierce! We sent him this picture before bed the other night. Kisses from all of us!
He gets home in a few more days and we are so excited. Literally counting down the days until he's in Missouri for good!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Pictures Of Our Craziness

We've been so busy trying to get the house figured out, organized and ready for our family that I haven't been able to blog much. Here are a few pictures of our craziness...
We took the kids fishing in between all the organizing. They loved it, even though we didn't catch anything. I love that they have accepted their new country lifestyle.
We got a new mower since we have quite a bit of land with our house. Jason got a picture of me mowing...zero turn mowers are so much harder than they look.
Sleepy heads...I love these sweet little sleepy heads.
Cousin love....who needs a bed when you can have a stack of blankets (we call it a pallet) on the floor. Our cousins came to spend a week with us and we had such a great time!
Barrett loves the pool but he loves napping under the umbrella by the pool. Thank goodness my sister lets us use her pool. It's a nice break from the house work, especially since it is SO hot here!
Love this crazy girl and her super happy smile. HA!
We received our furniture, the washer and dryer, our outdoor furniture and we've added a few decorations to the walls. The only thing we are waiting on is our bar stools and then our house will have all the big things...such a great feeling.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Look At Our Week

Since arriving on Sunday afternoon, we've been non-stop trying to get the boxes unpacked and to try and get our life organized and back in a routine.
Our family thrives on organization and routine so we knew that the move would throw us for a bit of a curve ball.We've moved so much (six times in eight years) so we knew what to expect...we're professionals at this point. HA!
Our first stop on Monday morning was the furniture store. Our furniture that we brought from Ohio with us was purchased 7 years ago when we were in California. It was perfect for our one-bedroom apartment but after multiple moves and multiple kids, it was time to get new stuff. We picked out a few new pieces and they should be here in 2-4 weeks. In the meantime, we are sitting on a mattress for a couch and sleeping on our mattresses, on the floor.
We left there and went to Best Buy. We needed a washer, dryer and deep freezer. I've been eyeing them in Ohio so I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted when we went in the store. We were told that these would be delivered on June 15th.
After those two long (and expensive) shopping trips, we headed back to the house to unpack a little more. We decided to make our purchases in spurts so we weren't overwhelmed, but it didn't really work :) 
Tuesday was closing day!!  We headed to sign our paperwork early in the morning. Thank goodness the sellers let us move in early so literally we just needed to sign 100 documents and the house was ours. We left the closing and rushed back to the house because we had two companies installing services. We were getting internet and satellite...joy, joy!! The technicians ran into a few bumps but after a few hours, we had internet and TV. The rest of the day was filled with the usual--unpacking and organizing.
Wednesday we spent the morning with Jason's meme and uncle and while they were here visiting, we had a home nurse come by and do a physical and draw some blood for Jason's insurance through his work. Once she finished, we ran to look at lawn mowers, which are so big, overwhelming and expensive. Jason was torn with the brand that he wanted, so we just ended up window shopping.
Jason went to go grab some lunch with some friends and I went to get our plates switched over. After getting the car inspected, getting a tax waiver (a what?!) and showing them an old title, I was told that I needed to bring back an updated title before they could switch the plates over to Missouri. I called our loan company and they are mailing out a new title-21 days and it should be here.
That night, the guys from lunch came over and helped mount and install our TVs and hook up our speaker system. The house has speakers built into the ceilings in each of the main rooms and I love listening to music so I asked that this be something on the priority list. I don't know about you, but I tend to remain so much more calm when I have music on in the background (I'm also more productive)
Thursday was a day to relax (sortof). We took the kids fishing and we were able to meet up with some friends. We left right around nap time since we had a little bit of a drive and we headed to buy a mower. Jason decided he wanted a John Deere--we are in Missouri so a John Deere seems fitting.
The mower was dropped off about an hour after we bought it so we mowed the grass and practiced with our new mower. Those zero turns are no joke!
Friday was also a day to relax. We headed to my sister's pool with the kids and we did some laundry. Thank goodness for family that lets you use their washer and dryer. My (empty) laundry room was filling up with dirty clothes too fast for my liking. That evening we headed to grab ice cream and walk along the river with my brother, his girlfriend and her kids. The kids loved throwing rocks into the river. I got the kitchen organized when the kids went to sleep. It feels so good to have one thing marked off our to-do-list!
I'm still working remotely so in between all those fun house things, I was also juggling my work. Phew--talk about a crazy, exhausting and exciting week!! If you are still reading, thanks! I know that was like a novel but I wanted to make sure to document every step of this journey!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Made It To Missouri

After a 12 hour drive, a rough night in a hotel, a 24 foot Budget moving trailer with a car being towed on the back, a few stops for some yummy snacks and a few meltdowns, we finally made it to Missouri.
Life is full of unpacking boxes, organizing rooms, drawers, closets and anything else that needs some extra attention and a lot of awesome time with family and friends.
I promise I'll be back but now our house and the kiddos need my full attention. Pictures to come...stay tuned!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Lasts in Cleveland

The last few days in Cleveland have been jammed with packing boxes and going to some of our favorite places, one last time. Here are a few of our favorite things in Cleveland! 
Last time at the Cleveland Zoo--it called for a ride on the camel, Elwood!
Last time at swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School!