Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Life Lately

We've kept ourselves pretty busy these last few days. Life is usually pretty scheduled and busy so I'd say that we're doing a good job of falling back in to our routine.
Barrett choked on a piece of candy and we were able to get it out (thank goodness we were comfortable with the Heimlich). We were all pretty traumatized so when we went to bed, we all went to bed. It's a special treat for them to sleep in our bed but after the episode, we all needed a little treat
We spent an evening with some friends at the farm. Something about the farm that calms our's good for our soul.
Barrett and Amelia love their chickens (and duck). As soon I wake up, I let them out to roam around for the day. As soon as the kids wake up, they search the yard for them. Here lately, Barrett has been awake with me (5:30am) to let them out and he thinks it is just the coolest thing.
The kids have a gym program that they can participate in while I do my workout. They absolutely LOVE it so I snapped a picture of my gym rats the other morning.
One day after school, we needed a quick stop to Sonic during happy hour. The kids could barely stop eating/drinking for the picture. It's the best I could do.
Being away for 10 years, I forgot how humid Missouri can get in the summer. Because of the humidity and the heat, we get crazy rain storms. One afternoon, it rained so hard that we had a small river going down our yard.
The humidity and the rain are no fun but the morning after a storm, brings some beautiful sunrises.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Country Living

We are enjoying our time in the country. Here are some pictures of our time this last week.
*Driving on a gravel road
*Getting eggs from the chicken coop
*Playing at the creek (while our friends nap), catching crawdads and swimming in the cold creek
We are starting to fit into this Missouri way of life a little more each day. Memories are being made and I love it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

School Updates

Everyday that the kids go to school, I get updates and pictures. makes my day.
Here are a few pictures of the kiddos working on their school lessons and playing with their friends.
The kids are adjusting really well to their new school and to their new routine. I'm so proud of them and I love their daily updates!!

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning started out with a boot camp. Since moving, I haven't been to the gym as much as I would like. We recently joined a gym and I've been exploring different classes. Saturday was an early morning boot camp that had tire flips, stairs, wall sits and tire pulls. I really enjoyed the class and I feel like it gave me a good, energetic start to the day.
As soon as class finished, I rushed home to get the kids. They are part of the conservation center's quarterly classes and Amelia's class was meeting at 9am. Their lesson was on bats--interactive and so interesting!
The rest of the day was lazy and relaxed. We had a busy morning and we were all feeling it that afternoon.
Sunday was church and a birthday party. Jason headed to Illinois as soon as church was over because he was going to spend the night. He took his ECHO boards on Monday and wanted to be close for his exam. When Jason headed out, we left for the birthday party. The party gave us an excuse to get together with all of our friends again--we didn't make it too long because of the heat but we gave it our best effort.
We left the party and went straight to the pool. Right now, the pool is about the only sane thing to do when it is so hot and humid.
Another successful weekend in the books. I love that we are becoming more involved in community activities and we are enjoying the company of our friends and family!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Shenanigans

Our Friday was pretty busy.
We (Barrett and myself) woke up TOO early so we headed outside for some early morning driving lessons. He loves driving his's definitely one of his favorite things to do.
The rest of the morning was filled with work, for me, and play, for the kiddos. We had a birthday party to go to during lunch at Simply Swirled, a fro-yo place. The kids thought making their own dessert was so much fun!
We finished out the day with our friend, Hadlie. We met up at the conservation center so the kids could all play in an air conditioning. HA!  Missouri is so hot and humid in the summer.
We definitely had so much fun
It set the weekend up for success!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

First Day Of Preschool

When we were back in Cleveland, I started researching preschools in the area. Amelia was accepted into our top choice but Barrett was, unfortunately, put on the wait-list.
I started searching for a school for him and found something perfect (thanks to a few recommendations). Since Amelia doesn't start her school until August, I started her with him so they could both get used to school--they are in the same class.
Here was my little man on his first day of preschool: Tuesday, July 5th
Amelia got in on the action too, since she was going too. She was so proud to be going with him--she said she would protect and help him.
When I picked them up, they seemed to like it but they were also a little shell-shocked. They were there for 7 hours and they were ready to go home. We hugged and then as we were heading out, their teacher stopped me. She gave me an update and then told me that they fall to sleep holding hands at nap time and it is the sweetest thing. I about cried right there in the hallway.
I hope that these two are always close and always look out for each other.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day In The Life

It has been awhile since I've done one of these type of posts so I thought it was time since we are settled in a little more with our schedule and our routine.

5:30am: Jason's alarm goes off and he hits snooze once before getting up, showering and leaving for work. As soon as he left, I couldn't fall back asleep, so I turned on the TV.
6:00am: I grabbed my computer from my work bag and logged on to do a little work before the kids woke up.
7:15am: Barrett walks into my room and before I can even tell him 'Good Morning', he asks where his Daddy is. I guess I'm chop liver...HA!  He crawls up in bed with me for a little bit of snuggle time and then says he wants breakfast. 
7:30am: We head to the kitchen. He requested watermelon and an egg sandwich. I get him his breakfast and then I head out back to drop off the melon rinds and to open the chicken coop.
8:00am: I dress Barrett before I have to go and wake up Amelia. Amelia picked out their clothes the night before so I didn't have to think too much about their clothing choices this morning.
8:15am: I stir Amelia out of bed and she changes and then requests the same breakfast as Barrett. While the kids are eating and watching "Goldie and Bear", I do a few more things for work.
8:30am: We head out the door for school. They started preschool together for the summer--in the fall, they will go somewhere else but I needed a little bit of time to work so they started a little early.
8:45am: We arrive and school and I ask them to pose for a picture so we can text it to Jason. He loves seeing pictures throughout the day. Remember...Amelia picked out their clothes today :)
8:50am: Left preschool and headed home to mow. We are suppose to get some rain storms this afternoon so I wanted to make sure I had time to mow the yard before the rain blew in.
10:30am: Finished mowing the yard. My mom came out to our house to get her social security card (SHE GOT A JOB!!!) so we talked for a bit about her new position and she left and I jumped on my computer.
10:50am-11:30am: Was stuck on the phone with a work issue. I like to walk around when I'm on the phone so I snapped a picture of my work station for that discussion.
11:30am: Called the company, Pelican, to get a replacement case for mine and Jason's cellphones. The cases are lifetime guaranteed and we've already gone through four or five of them! They are going to send out two more cases and they should arrive within 7-10 business days.
11:50am: Called the conservation center to register for a class for the kids, activated the new bank card, changed the pin number and got the online bill pay ready to go, paid bills and added some things to the mailbox that needed to be mailed today.
12:00pm: Warmed up some leftovers for lunch, updated the blog and then got back to work.
1:00pm: The storm that the weather channel was talking about blew in. I had to run down to get the  chickens back in the coop before the rain started. I could actually see a line of rain moving towards our house.
2:40pm: Headed to go and pick the kids up from preschool. I walk in and Barrett is in Batman pj shorts (not his). He had TWO accidents today and had to wear something from the "lost n found" box. She said that he was in the bathroom but said he didn't want to pee in the toilet so he stood in front of it and peed. That boy of ours sure does keep us on our toes!
3:15pm: Got home and got the kids a snack. They wanted frozen grapes and veggie straws. They immediately grabbed iPads, went to their rooms and watched their YouTube kids. I went back to work while they vegged out on their tablets.
4:45pm: Got a call from Jason--he was off work and his meme and uncle were on their way to our house. I frantically start cleaning and digging through the fridge for food (we were going to have leftovers for dinner but we didn't have enough for everyone)
5:00pm: Jason gets home and immediately sits down to study. He takes ECHO boards on Monday so he's been studying like crazy.
5:30pm: Meme and Uncle Ted arrive. They brought 5 watermelon and 4 cantelope from a yummy farmer down in Morley, MO. I warmed up some leftovers and pulled out the fruit and the rest of the night is a blur. Our TV went out so I called the company, spent way too much time on the phone only to need an appointment because lightning hit our satellite dish and then had to clean up from dinner.
5:30pm-8:00pm: BLUR:::too much was going on and I was a bit of stress case
8:00pm: Started bedtime routine--teeth were brushed, books were read and we headed to bed.
10:15pm: I fell asleep with Barrett and woke up to move to our bed. I hate when I do that but I guess all the "bluriness" from earlier made me tired.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Friends In The Making

Over the last few weeks, we've gotten some pretty cute pictures of the kids and the adventures they have with their friends.
I love looking at their big smiles and their's so sweet.
Can't wait to see how these relationships grow in the days and years ahead.

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th

We were back in Missouri for July 4th this many years away so we were so glad to be making memories with friends.
We had such a busy July 4th weekend and because of our schedules and the forecast, we decided to watch fireworks on Sunday, July 3rd. The Veterans Home puts on a huge display each year and the crowd to watch is big but not as crazy as the crowd on the 4th so we headed to a park across from the display so we could watch them! We met some friends there and we couldn't have asked for a better seat or company for the evening.
The display was about thirty minutes long--not too long or too short. The kids really enjoyed the different colors and sparkles that each one created when they exploded. They had such a great time watching the display!
So blessed to live in a country where we are free and so thankful to all the men and women who served and lost their lives to keep our country free.
On the afternoon of the 4th, we headed to the farm and spent the day with our friends, who we consider family.
The kids (and adults) had an all-out water balloon fight. We were all soaked!
Once we finished with the water balloons, changed into some dry/warm clothes and ate dinner, we started the fireworks that could be done in the day. The little ones loved the smoke bombs and all the little tank/chicken/race car fireworks.
The kids are adjusting to the country lifestyle pretty good. They love being out at the farm running around and playing with their friends.
So thankful for these relationships. I love to see our babies growing special relationships with them, especially since we have been friends for so long!