Friday, July 1, 2016

Cave Quest: VBS

Vacation Bible School has always held a special place in my heart. The amount of fun and energy for God that VBS creates in one week is so exciting.
Most churches set the age limit for VBS for kindergarten age through 6th grade but we were lucky enough to find one that accepted 4 year olds.
A sweet family that we've met since we've moved to Missouri told us about their church and their VBS program and we knew that we had to go!
Amelia was excited to go when I mentioned it to her and I was excited to hear all about the program and all the fun that accompanied it.
The theme this year was called "Cave Quest" and it focused on different characters and animals that live in caves, while circling it back to Bible stories.
Amelia went the whole week and each day she was excited to see what new things she would learn. I loved seeing her energized to meet new friends and to learn about brought back so many fun memories from my childhood.

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