Thursday, July 7, 2016

First Day Of Preschool

When we were back in Cleveland, I started researching preschools in the area. Amelia was accepted into our top choice but Barrett was, unfortunately, put on the wait-list.
I started searching for a school for him and found something perfect (thanks to a few recommendations). Since Amelia doesn't start her school until August, I started her with him so they could both get used to school--they are in the same class.
Here was my little man on his first day of preschool: Tuesday, July 5th
Amelia got in on the action too, since she was going too. She was so proud to be going with him--she said she would protect and help him.
When I picked them up, they seemed to like it but they were also a little shell-shocked. They were there for 7 hours and they were ready to go home. We hugged and then as we were heading out, their teacher stopped me. She gave me an update and then told me that they fall to sleep holding hands at nap time and it is the sweetest thing. I about cried right there in the hallway.
I hope that these two are always close and always look out for each other.

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