Sunday, July 3, 2016

Happy Birthday Sam And Chloe

On Sunday we had a fun-packed day. We headed to my Uncle Shannon and Aunt Katie's house for a special birthday party. They live about 1.5 hours north in a small country town. Their twins, Sam and Chloe, turned ten and for once we've been in Missouri during their birthday so we were able to help celebrate!
This week was so hot but a storm blew in late Friday and brought clouds and cooler weather for the weekend. The pool wasn't on anyone's agenda,due to the cold front, but these crazy girls didn't even think twice about not getting in. If there is water, these two will be in it (regardless of how cold it is)!
We had such a fun day with our glad that we got to be a part of the festivities.
Barrett loved their little pup, Daisy.
We stayed at the party, swapped stories and ate as much yummy food as our stomachs would hold for the majority of the day. We headed home around 5pm with full hearts. It felt so good to be around everyone and to catch up on all that we've missed the last few years.

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