Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4th

We were back in Missouri for July 4th this many years away so we were so glad to be making memories with friends.
We had such a busy July 4th weekend and because of our schedules and the forecast, we decided to watch fireworks on Sunday, July 3rd. The Veterans Home puts on a huge display each year and the crowd to watch is big but not as crazy as the crowd on the 4th so we headed to a park across from the display so we could watch them! We met some friends there and we couldn't have asked for a better seat or company for the evening.
The display was about thirty minutes long--not too long or too short. The kids really enjoyed the different colors and sparkles that each one created when they exploded. They had such a great time watching the display!
So blessed to live in a country where we are free and so thankful to all the men and women who served and lost their lives to keep our country free.
On the afternoon of the 4th, we headed to the farm and spent the day with our friends, who we consider family.
The kids (and adults) had an all-out water balloon fight. We were all soaked!
Once we finished with the water balloons, changed into some dry/warm clothes and ate dinner, we started the fireworks that could be done in the day. The little ones loved the smoke bombs and all the little tank/chicken/race car fireworks.
The kids are adjusting to the country lifestyle pretty good. They love being out at the farm running around and playing with their friends.
So thankful for these relationships. I love to see our babies growing special relationships with them, especially since we have been friends for so long!

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