Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Life Lately

We've kept ourselves pretty busy these last few days. Life is usually pretty scheduled and busy so I'd say that we're doing a good job of falling back in to our routine.
Barrett choked on a piece of candy and we were able to get it out (thank goodness we were comfortable with the Heimlich). We were all pretty traumatized so when we went to bed, we all went to bed. It's a special treat for them to sleep in our bed but after the episode, we all needed a little treat
We spent an evening with some friends at the farm. Something about the farm that calms our's good for our soul.
Barrett and Amelia love their chickens (and duck). As soon I wake up, I let them out to roam around for the day. As soon as the kids wake up, they search the yard for them. Here lately, Barrett has been awake with me (5:30am) to let them out and he thinks it is just the coolest thing.
The kids have a gym program that they can participate in while I do my workout. They absolutely LOVE it so I snapped a picture of my gym rats the other morning.
One day after school, we needed a quick stop to Sonic during happy hour. The kids could barely stop eating/drinking for the picture. It's the best I could do.
Being away for 10 years, I forgot how humid Missouri can get in the summer. Because of the humidity and the heat, we get crazy rain storms. One afternoon, it rained so hard that we had a small river going down our yard.
The humidity and the rain are no fun but the morning after a storm, brings some beautiful sunrises.

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