Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning started out with a boot camp. Since moving, I haven't been to the gym as much as I would like. We recently joined a gym and I've been exploring different classes. Saturday was an early morning boot camp that had tire flips, stairs, wall sits and tire pulls. I really enjoyed the class and I feel like it gave me a good, energetic start to the day.
As soon as class finished, I rushed home to get the kids. They are part of the conservation center's quarterly classes and Amelia's class was meeting at 9am. Their lesson was on bats--interactive and so interesting!
The rest of the day was lazy and relaxed. We had a busy morning and we were all feeling it that afternoon.
Sunday was church and a birthday party. Jason headed to Illinois as soon as church was over because he was going to spend the night. He took his ECHO boards on Monday and wanted to be close for his exam. When Jason headed out, we left for the birthday party. The party gave us an excuse to get together with all of our friends again--we didn't make it too long because of the heat but we gave it our best effort.
We left the party and went straight to the pool. Right now, the pool is about the only sane thing to do when it is so hot and humid.
Another successful weekend in the books. I love that we are becoming more involved in community activities and we are enjoying the company of our friends and family!

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