Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Life Lately

Well--this week has been off to a little bit of a rocky start. We just finished up a week of vacation so starting back into a routine has been a little bit of an adjustment.
We had to take my car to Subaru because there was a piece recalled in the engine. They gave us a loaner car to drive for the week. They gave us a newer model SUV and I'm in love!!
Jason's car has been causing us some issues. It's the car that I was gifted when I was 16 so it has a TON of miles on it and it's 15 years old. We've had minimal issues with it but today it decided to die. We are towing it to a shop for them to investigate the problems...if it's too much, then we'll be in the market for a new vehicle!

Amelia is really enjoying soccer. We had soccer practice last night (and again tonight). Barrett even got to practice a little bit with them.
 Practice was brutally hot. The soccer field is flat and there are zero trees. The kids were so hot and sweaty when we left. We finished off the practice with a stop at Ty's snowcones...the best way to end a long, hot practice.
We are in full-blown party planning mode. Barrett's 3rd birthday is coming up and he wanted a PJ Masks party. We got the masks and the capes in the mail the other day (for the party) and we couldn't wait for the party to open them up.

The kids LOVE playing with Hadlie. We see her a lot and I love capturing the three of them together. Hadlie is about to be a big sister so soon there will be four little ones sitting on the bench at Mawmaw Chrissy's house. Can't wait!

Monday, August 29, 2016

California Visits Missouri: Part Two

After our day at the zoo, the crew was pretty wiped out so we decided to stay close to home over the next few days. 
Sue and Holly went to get pedicures one afternoon and Amelia got to tag along. I heard that she loved it and she picked the sweetest color for her nails.
The following morning, the gang woke up early to go fishing. Daddy took the kids and I was able to stay home and do some work. The kids caught quite a few fish and really enjoyed the morning with their cousins!
I love the above picture. She wasn't scared towards the end of the morning but the initial few fish, gave her a scream.
Wednesday we scheduled family pictures in the evening so we stayed around the area so when it came time to nap, we would be ready. Naps always make pictures a little better!
Thursday morning, we headed to the conservation center to do some hiking. 
Once we finished hiking, Chip and Sue headed out to spend some time with Andrew and Holly and we hung out by the pool (and the movie theatre).
Chip and Sue's flight was early on Saturday so they got a hotel in St. Louis for Friday night. We headed to St. Louis on Friday morning so we could spend the day and evening with them. We went to the Science Center. I love that so many things are free in St. Louis...this place is so education and full of all sorts of things.
We finished out the day with dinner--the kids did really good (other than a few moments) and they were sad to be saying goodbye.
This week flew by--we had quite a few moments of chaos but we enjoyed spending time together. I wish we were a little closer so we could see each other more than we do!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cross Country Cheering

Now that we live close, we can cheer on our niece and nephews in their sporting events.
Ana is a senior this year and she runs cross country and track. The first cross country meet was on Saturday and we were there with bells on.
We headed to my sister's house first to make some signs and to change into our red/black clothing.
Do you see these four walking to the starting line? The one in the blue jean shorts is MY MOM. She's doing so much better and she's even venturing to cross country meets. Praise the Lord!! 
The race started and I was pretty emotional. Tears filled my eyes as the starting gun went off....I've been away for far too long and I love being close and back in their lives!
Ana placed third and her team placed first. We are so proud of her and her dedication to running. The kids loved chasing after the runners and cheering them on!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pre-K Soccer

When we lived in Hershey, Amelia did Soccer Shots. She asked to play but then when it came time to attend and to play, she didn't enjoy it. When we moved to Missouri, I asked her if she wanted to give soccer another try. Her cousin and a few of her friends LOVE soccer so she said that she would like to give soccer another try.
Last night was her first practice. How cute does she look in her skirt and shin guards?!
She really enjoyed practice with her teammates and she really likes her coach.
We left practice and she was so excited to have her first game on the schedule. I can't wait to cheer on my girl!

Missing Chicken

When I let the chickens out of their coop yesterday morning, I noticed that there was one white chicken was missing. The kids were heart-broken and decided that we needed to make a sign to put on door. You know...just in case someone finds a wandering chicken and wants to bring it back.
We searched around and didn't find any feathers or any signs that something attacked it. We think that she laid eggs in the bean field and she's sitting on her nest (we noticed last week her butt was covered in dirt but we just assumed that was from the mulch in the coop)
So...this is our plea. If you see a white chicken wandering around, he's ours.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

California Visits Missouri: Part One

Jason's dad and step-mom, as well as his brother, sister and their two kids, arrived in Missouri this past weekend. It's been a little over a year since we've had 'vacation time' together so we were all excited to reconnect.
Their first day...this is what happened! My chickens decided to start laying eggs! WOO HOO
Our first place we wanted to go was the zoo. All the kids love the zoo and the weather was clear of rain and temperatures in the 80s so we knew we wanted to go. I love how the kids instantly connected and hung out like little buddies for the day.
Our day included face paining (of course), cotton candy (of course) and so many animals that we made it through only half of the zoo before waiving the white flag. 
The zoo was so much larger and shaded than I remember from years ago. We ensured to get a membership so we can enjoy it frequently!!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been slowly transitioning out of summer and into fall. Schools around the area have started, Amelia started pre-k and our little ones will soon be starting soccer.
Barrett loves to unroll the toilet paper while he goes to the bathroom. I usually walk in a few seconds too late, which results in our bathroom looking like this....
I know rain has been causing some issues, especially for Louisiana, but we have had some serious rain around Missouri too. This was our view one day last week when it rained 3+ inches in an hour. As soon as the rain slowed down, the flooding receded but it had us a little nervous with the road covered.
 I got my hair cut--I wasn't planning on getting so much cut off but I went in without a real 'game plan' and came out with a different look. I actually really like it but was unsure as soon as I saw the crazy amounts of hair on the ground.
Now that Jason has a normal job, not just training, we're able to visit him and bring him dinner. The kids love to visit him and it breaks up long call weekends. By the way...how handsome is my man?!
I took the kids to the waterpark before school started and Amelia passed the swim test (again) and wanted to try the bigger slides. She looked so big carrying her mat to the top of the slide tower.
Barrett loved it too but it was during nap time, so he took full advantage! This boy can sleep anywhere and at anytime.
We went to dinner with family one night before the ring leader had to have open heart surgery. I love how our friends have morphed into family and now our kids get to grow up together. Such sweet and special memories.
Barrett wanted to have a hate like Jarrett--he was so proud!
Jason's brother and his family came into town a few days ago and his dad and step-mom will arrive tomorrow so we're going to have a fun week of vacation with the family.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pre-K Has Begun

Tuesday, August 16th, was Amelia's first day of Pre-K. If you've read the blog at all, then you know she's been in 'school' since she was six weeks old. She thrives with a schedule and I knew that a curriculum based program would be a perfect thing for her.
I sent in the application back in February and was so thrilled to hear that she had gotten in!
Monday evening was open house, which was the perfect transition from her current situation. Tuesday morning she woke up excited and ready to start a new journey.
 I was a ball of nerves. I knew she was in good hands but something about sending her to school with a backpack and a lunchbox (that she picked out), made me get a little choked up. She's growing up TOO FAST!
I left, went about my day like a normal Tuesday and was a little early to pick her up. She was so excited to tell us about her day and how much she loved it. She has NEVER said that she "loves" school so hearing her beg to go back and tell us how much she loves it, made this mama's heart smile.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Update on Mom

After being found unresponsive Saturday morning, mom spent three days in the ICU. Her fever was incredibly hard to manage--we tried cooling blankets, ice packs and medicine and we struggled to keep it under 103. She stayed sedated most of her time in there because when she was stimulated, she would wake up, say she needed to go pee and then try to jump out of bed.
Looking back, I'm glad she was sedated because she was so cold, due to us trying to lower her temperature, that I know she would have been so miserable.
She was moved to her own room Monday evening, which meant that the nurses would start getting her up to walk, having her visit with the respiratory therapist/speech therapist/ENT doctors/and anyone else that needed to make their round to her room.
Right now, they are saying that she will go home tomorrow. She got a PIC line inserted yesterday because she will be on IV antibiotic for two weeks when she leaves the hospital. He has lost hearing in both ears and right now, it's pretty severe. The audiologist wants to see her again after the antibiotic is completed so he knows that all the infection and swelling is gone.

We're so thankful that she's feeling better and so much better! I posted all of her updates on Facebook and was surprised at the overwhelming amount of support and prayers that everyone sent her way during some of the scariest moments.
God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

First Time Bowling

With all that has been going on with my mom, we've been running in so many directions that we needed to have a little bit of fun one afternoon. We headed to the bowling alley with the kids--Ana and Brock tagged along too.
Barrett loved cheering as much as he loved watching his ball hit the pins.
Between the snacks, the music, the company and the actual game, we had a pretty awesome afternoon. I can definitely see us bowling again and we'll take Jason next time!!