Monday, August 8, 2016

Camping Whirlwind Weekend

We had been planning a camping weekend with our cousins for awhile and when the weekend rolled around, we were so excited to get off the grid for a few days.
My mom and sister agreed to watch our pups for us so we wouldn't have to board awesome being close to family.
We left once Jason got home from work on Friday. It was storming pretty badly when we got there--we couldn't even find the camper because the rain was coming down so hard and we couldn't call them because we didn't have cell signal.
We were finally able to find them and the camper and quickly realized that a power source was hit by lightning and no one on the grounds had electric...or air conditioning. UGH. It was pretty rough for a few hours until it got fixed.
We woke up the next morning and started a fire. Barrett and Jason loved keeping the coals moved around so the fire didn't go out.
Shortly after we ate breakfast, we changed and headed to the creek. The kids loved being outside and they loved the creek.
We headed back to the camper a little after lunch and we were quickly greeted by one of the workers. We had a note to call my brother ASAP. Remember when I said we had no signal...we were in the middle of nowhere and we had to go to the top of the hill to get reception. Blake told us that mom was in the hospital and she was unresponsive. The doctors were saying she had bacterial meningitis and she was in critical condition.
We packed up our things as quickly as possible and we rushed to the hospital. We were about 2 1/2 hours of the longest drives of my life!
We got to the hospital around 5pm and she was in such a scary place. She wasn't focusing on anyone, sortof just staring out in to space, her fever was around 105 degrees and she was extremely lethargic. It was so scary to see her like that but I'm so thankful that she was in good hands.
She's still in the ICU but her antibiotic is working and she's getting better and stronger with each passing hour.
We've already talked about rescheduling our camping trip because we definitely need a re-do!

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