Friday, August 19, 2016

Life Lately

Life lately has been slowly transitioning out of summer and into fall. Schools around the area have started, Amelia started pre-k and our little ones will soon be starting soccer.
Barrett loves to unroll the toilet paper while he goes to the bathroom. I usually walk in a few seconds too late, which results in our bathroom looking like this....
I know rain has been causing some issues, especially for Louisiana, but we have had some serious rain around Missouri too. This was our view one day last week when it rained 3+ inches in an hour. As soon as the rain slowed down, the flooding receded but it had us a little nervous with the road covered.
 I got my hair cut--I wasn't planning on getting so much cut off but I went in without a real 'game plan' and came out with a different look. I actually really like it but was unsure as soon as I saw the crazy amounts of hair on the ground.
Now that Jason has a normal job, not just training, we're able to visit him and bring him dinner. The kids love to visit him and it breaks up long call weekends. By the handsome is my man?!
I took the kids to the waterpark before school started and Amelia passed the swim test (again) and wanted to try the bigger slides. She looked so big carrying her mat to the top of the slide tower.
Barrett loved it too but it was during nap time, so he took full advantage! This boy can sleep anywhere and at anytime.
We went to dinner with family one night before the ring leader had to have open heart surgery. I love how our friends have morphed into family and now our kids get to grow up together. Such sweet and special memories.
Barrett wanted to have a hate like Jarrett--he was so proud!
Jason's brother and his family came into town a few days ago and his dad and step-mom will arrive tomorrow so we're going to have a fun week of vacation with the family.

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