Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Life Lately

Well--this week has been off to a little bit of a rocky start. We just finished up a week of vacation so starting back into a routine has been a little bit of an adjustment.
We had to take my car to Subaru because there was a piece recalled in the engine. They gave us a loaner car to drive for the week. They gave us a newer model SUV and I'm in love!!
Jason's car has been causing us some issues. It's the car that I was gifted when I was 16 so it has a TON of miles on it and it's 15 years old. We've had minimal issues with it but today it decided to die. We are towing it to a shop for them to investigate the problems...if it's too much, then we'll be in the market for a new vehicle!

Amelia is really enjoying soccer. We had soccer practice last night (and again tonight). Barrett even got to practice a little bit with them.
 Practice was brutally hot. The soccer field is flat and there are zero trees. The kids were so hot and sweaty when we left. We finished off the practice with a stop at Ty's snowcones...the best way to end a long, hot practice.
We are in full-blown party planning mode. Barrett's 3rd birthday is coming up and he wanted a PJ Masks party. We got the masks and the capes in the mail the other day (for the party) and we couldn't wait for the party to open them up.

The kids LOVE playing with Hadlie. We see her a lot and I love capturing the three of them together. Hadlie is about to be a big sister so soon there will be four little ones sitting on the bench at Mawmaw Chrissy's house. Can't wait!

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