Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pre-K Has Begun

Tuesday, August 16th, was Amelia's first day of Pre-K. If you've read the blog at all, then you know she's been in 'school' since she was six weeks old. She thrives with a schedule and I knew that a curriculum based program would be a perfect thing for her.
I sent in the application back in February and was so thrilled to hear that she had gotten in!
Monday evening was open house, which was the perfect transition from her current situation. Tuesday morning she woke up excited and ready to start a new journey.
 I was a ball of nerves. I knew she was in good hands but something about sending her to school with a backpack and a lunchbox (that she picked out), made me get a little choked up. She's growing up TOO FAST!
I left, went about my day like a normal Tuesday and was a little early to pick her up. She was so excited to tell us about her day and how much she loved it. She has NEVER said that she "loves" school so hearing her beg to go back and tell us how much she loves it, made this mama's heart smile.

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