Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sweet Snapshots

*We made homemade pizzas the other night. The kids love to help and I love having the extra set of hands in the kitchen.
*Barrett has been wanting to do some extracurricular activities so we signed him up for a trial class at Amelia's gymnastics. He did really good. We will be bumping him up the 3-4 year old class because the 2-3 year old class wasn't enough for him. There was a lot of instruction, re-direction and a lot more re-direction and he was getting bored.
*One evening, the insurance company that we use through Jason's work reserved out Cape Splash. Our family, along with his other clients, got the place to ourselves. The kids loved it. Amelia passed the swim test so she could go down the big slides and Barrett was content in the kids section. We only stayed for about an hour before a major rain storm blew in but we said that we would try to go back again before they close for winter.
*We visited Discovery Playhouse, which is a fun little kid's museum near us. The kids loved exploring the different areas. They had such a fun time that we bought a season pass so we can go back anytime we have some free time!
*Our town's annual carnival snuck up on us this year. We've been having thunderstorms every evening, or pretty close to every evening. We tried our luck on the last day and we made it about 30 minutes before getting rained out. The kids enjoyed the few rides that they got to ride. Our large fair is in September so hopefully we can make up for it next month!
*We left the carnival and did what any 'old feeling' person would do...we went shopping at SAM'S. HA! We did our shopping and when we came out, the rain was gone and we there was a double rainbow in the sky.
*The kids still go to their monthly conservation class. Barrett's class this month was about fish. They made a pond--they needed to cut the grass and tape on a few fish and plants.
*Our cousin came down for a weekend visit. We found ourselves at Lambert's, on a Saturday, at dinner time....NOT A GOOD THING. We had about a two hour wait and the kids were all hot and sweaty but they loved being together.
*Naps by the pool are definitely one of the things we are going to miss about summer.
*We got two new family members: Eliza and Cat Boy. They seem to love their new family and the kids are still pretty excited about them.
*We were invited to a fun night of water slides at a local church. The kids had such a fun time! We started the night with a downpour but once the rain pushed out, the kids loved it!
*Amelia dressed like Elsa to go to gymnastics. She took off the braid and the heels when we got there but she walked in to her class like she was a celebrity!
*The kids went to an Egypitian birthday party and the Pinterest crafts were so cute. They got to wear gold arm cuffs and then make their own necklace with gems and craft paint.

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